Victims and Survivors of Institutional Abuse have ‘Waited Too Long’ for Apology, says Bradshaw.

Alliance Party Health Spokesperson Paula Bradshaw MLA has said that victims and survivors have waited too long for an apology for the institutional abuse that they suffered.

Paula was speaking as the Executive is to set a date for the official apology, which was recommended by the final report of the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry.

“The day on which the apology is finally made will be an important and emotional day for victims and survivors,” said the South Belfast MLA.

“However, the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry recommended an apology five years ago and the date is only now being set. Victims and survivors have waited far too long and campaigners have had to fight for every ounce of the minimum recognition and support they have received.

“For many years now, I have been working with victims and survivors and supporting them in their campaign. The constant delays have meant that many will have already passed away without receiving the apology or seeing the memorial that was also recommended by the inquiry.

“It has been a long road and I only hope that the apology will be of some comfort to those who have been waiting so long for this acknowledgement.”