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Recent Documents

Alliance Proposal For The Reform Of The Petition Of Concern

Alliance Solutions for Transparent and Accountable Governance



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Policy Documents

Alliance Green New Deal

Next Steps Forward Paper

Bridges Not Borders - Northern Ireland In The Single Market

Case For Special Status

Alliance Language Policy For Belfast City Council 2016

Alliance Languages Position Paper

For Everyone Publication

For Everyone Executive Summary 

For Everyone FAQ


Party Responses

Party Response To NI Draft Budget 2011-2015

Party Response To The Consultation On Cohesion, Sharing and Integration: October 2010

Party Response To Donations and Loans to Northern Ireland Political Parties: October 2010

Party Proposal To DUP/Sinn Fein

Party Briefing To Potential Teacher Training Reform


Declared Donations

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Membership Documents

Party Membership Form



Naomi Long: Conference March 2021

Stephen Farry: Conference March 2021

Stephen Farry: Conference March 2020

Naomi Long: Conference March 2019

Stephen Farry: Conference 2019

Naomi Long: Conference March 2018

Stephen Farry: Conference 2018

Naomi Long: Speech To The All Island Brexit Forum 2018

Naomi Long: Conference March 2017

Stephen Farry: Conference 2017




Peace Process Papers

1997 Multi-Party Talks


2001 Weston Park Talks


2002 Forum for Peace and Reconciliation


2003 Joint Declaration


2004 Good Friday Agreement Review



Post-Hillsborough Castle Addendum to Programme for Government 2010

St Andrews Agreement Response 2006