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About us

Alliance was founded in 1970 with the objective of bridging the bitter divisions in our community and building a shared society for everyone.

We want to build a united community: an inclusive, dynamic, prosperous and sustainable Northern Ireland where we can all thrive, enjoy living freely and securely and be treated with dignity in a region rich with opportunity. 

Our History

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For most of our running costs, we depend on contributions from volunteers and members of the public - people like you. 

Help us in our mission to build a shared future, and donate today. 

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By joining Alliance, you will be both supporting and helping Northern Ireland's cross-community party.

Members come from all walks of life, young and old, and from many parts of the world.

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Our Vision for Northern Ireland

We have a bold vision for a better Northern Ireland. We reject the politics of fear and division, and refuse to let our future be held hostage by those with vested interests.

Alliance is a party for everyone, focused on building a brighter, prosperous Northern Ireland that delivers for all. Find out more here about our plans for real, meaningful change.

Our vision for Northern Ireland

Bold Leadership
for a United Community

Alliance has passionate, dedicated political leaders across Northern Ireland, working hard to improve the lives and livelihoods of the people they represent.

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