Northern Ireland facing unprecedented crisis, says Tennyson

The Alliance Party has today said Northern Ireland is facing an unprecedented crisis, after it raised serious concerns over proposed budget allocations.

Eóin Tennyson Finance Budget

The Party’s Finance spokesperson Eóin Tennyson MLA said Alliance recognised the need to do something and had chosen to “step up and govern” rather than let the situation deteriorate further.
He added: “For too long Northern Ireland’s finances have been rolled out in a completely unsustainable way. The UK Government needs to recognise its role in delivering us to where we are today. Periods of stagnation and collapse have only added to an already unstable system that now will take some work to repair.
“Alliance has consistently raised concerns, calling for a better and fair financial settlement, alongside the need for evidence-based policymaking which by its very nature would put a focus on early intervention and investing to save and addressing the costs of division.
“But none of these things have happened and now we are in a situation where if we don’t attempt to get things under control it will be too late. That’s why, when we had a choice today, Alliance chose to step up and govern, rather than watching from the sidelines while the problems get worse.
“This is going to be a difficult year, but without a budget to start from things could be a whole lot worse.
“I hope this is a turning point for all Executive parties to recognise the seismic change needed to Govern in the best way for everyone, rather than the current prioritisation of projects which is causing Alliance growing concern.”