Council needs to urgently investigate after show of strength, says Long

Belfast City Council needs to urgently investigate after media reports of a show of strength which took place during a funeral at Roselawn Crematorium, Alliance Councillor Michael Long has said.

Belfast City Council Michael Long

A number of masked loyalists appeared during a funeral service for a former UDA man at the facility on April 23.

“These are shocking images, particularly at a Council-run crematorium,” said Councillor Long, Alliance’s Group Leader on Belfast City Council.

“This is a place where families and loved ones come together to grieve and pay tribute to those who have passed away. In 2024, we should not be seeing paramilitaries on our streets, never mind at Roselawn or other similar locations.

“It is clear an urgent investigation is needed by Belfast City Council – both to find how this was allowed to happen and also why it was not reported at the time. Once the circumstances are established, any further actions may come at that stage.

“Alliance will be raising this with Council officers and we expect a full explanation to be provided.”