Victims of terrorism must always be remembered, says Eastwood

Alliance Legacy spokesperson Sorcha Eastwood MLA has said it is important to remember the victims of terrorism, even many years after the event.

Sorcha Eastwood Rememberence

Speaking ahead of European Day of Remembrance of Victims of Terrorism, Ms Eastwood said: “Terrorism takes many forms and can have life changing impacts on people targeted, as well as their families and wider community. 

“It is important we continue to remember the lives lost to terrorism, in Northern Ireland and internationally, to show those who would use violence their actions will always be widely condemned.

“While the pain inflicted by terrorist activity will ease over the years, it will never fully go away, so we must ensure there are appropriate support mechanisms in place for victims and their families. 

“We must also take every opportunity to stand together to condemn those who would use violence. The public reaction to the recent shooting of DCI John Caldwell clearly shows those responsible they have no support at all. It is time for them to put away the guns and let people live in peace.”