Active travel opportunities must be enhanced and promoted, says McAllister

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North Belfast’s cycling infrastructure remains seriously underdeveloped, Alliance Councillor Nuala McAllister has said, as she called on Infrastructure Minister Nicola Mallon to implement plans that will actually make a difference.

Nuala - the Alliance Party’s active travel spokesperson - said the problems are so bad that there is no way to safely access the city centre by bike with segregated cycle lanes that not only connect to the city centre but connect our communities, our parks and greenways urgently needed.

She added: “As it stands things are simply not good enough. Yes, the Minister has said all the right things, announcing just this year plans to develop a cycling lane along Cavehill and Limestone Roads - but this means nothing in reality unless they are safe, segregated and connect to additional lanes to connect communities and routes into the city centre.

“Enhancing active travel remains a key priority for Alliance and I have been working with my colleague Andrew Muir MLA to consistently lobby the Department of Infrastructure on this issue and consider the connectivity issues that will be directly impacted by the York Street interchange.

“We no longer live in a society that should be prioritised as cars first - which is why I’ve not only secured the first Belfast bikes at the waterworks in North Belfast and continue to push for the new Glider route into North Belfast to allow for the use or storage of bikes onboard.

“Looking forward, active travel must be seen as a real alternative to traditional travel methods and I’m committed to making that happen.”