Together we can make history on May 5, says Long

Assembly Naomi Long AE22

Alliance Leader Naomi Long has said people in Northern Ireland have a chance to make history by electing more Alliance MLAs than ever before, sending a message about what type of society they want to see.

Mrs Long was speaking ahead of Thursday’s Assembly Election polling day, in which Alliance has 24 candidates running across the 18 constituencies. The Alliance Leader said it was people’s opportunity to show what issues mattered to them.

“The last set of elections proved if enough people vote Alliance in any constituency, they will get an Alliance representative after this election,” she said.

“There’s no doubt people are disillusioned with the system but they are sick of the chaos and gridlock they have seen from the largest parties. Alliance has been engaging with people right across Northern Ireland and there is a lot of interest in politics. People just want to see solutions and that’s what we’re trying to bring.

“It’s no longer good enough to simply wrap yourself in a flag instead of discussing solutions to issues such as the cost of living, the broken health service or the climate crisis. Alliance has delivered much in a shortened mandate, from five substantial pieces of legislation in the Department of Justice, to Bills on integrated education and fair employment for teachers. Think what we could do with more Alliance MLAs in a full term.

“If people want to send a message – about their desire for a politics which delivers for people, about backing a party who will get on with governing alongside others and about a progressive Northern Ireland where everyone is treated equally – then Alliance is the party for them to back.

“People have the chance to make history on Thursday. Together, we can do it.”