Those behind anti-refugee graffiti speak for no-one, Alliance Councillors say

Asylum Seekers Richard Stewart Peter McCully

Councillor Richard Stewart and Councillor Peter McCully were speaking following anti-refugee graffiti appearing at several locations across the north coast. This follows a National Front flag having been erected at a war memorial, just recently.
“The vast majority of people in Portrush and on the north coast utterly condemn this rhetoric and protest, which saw many people hiding behind balaclavas while scaring passers-by and displaying far-right imagery. They represent nobody except an extremely small minority,” said
Councillor Richard Stewart
“I condemn those who have scrawled these vile and unwelcoming messages. We must all unite and face it down. I cannot grasp the mindset of those who deem it acceptable to even have those views, never mind graffiti them in public,” added Councillor Peter McCully.