There is no place for sexual or domestic misconduct in our police force, says McAllister

Alliance North Belfast MLA Nuala McAllister, who sits on the Northern Ireland Policing Board, has expressed her concern over recent reports of misconduct rates within the PSNI, and made clear that there is absolutely no place for sexual or domestic misconduct within the force.

Nuala McAllister Police

This comes following reports that 9 officers were fired last year for misconduct related to sexual or domestic abuse, and that 74 cases are still being investigated with 32 officers having been suspended on suspicion of sexual misconduct.

Fellow Alliance representative on the Board, John Blair MLA, has also today submitted a question to the Board for the consideration of the Chief Constable, seeking to clarify the longest duration that any of these ongoing cases have remained outstanding, and if the PSNI has put any measures in place to expedite these investigations.

Nuala has said: “We are aware of the police misconduct and dismissal issues being reported in the media, and we are deeply saddened by this news. Let me be clear that there is no room for sexual or domestic misconduct - or any professional misconduct for that matter - within today's police force or across society at large.

Alliance continues to push for justice, and has actively promoted and successfully helped pass legislation, such as our leader Naomi Long MLA’s Domestic Abuse and Civil Proceedings Act during her tenure as Justice Minister, that further protects victims of sexual and domestic violence. Our Policing Board Members are also working to ensure accountability and professionalism is embedded in the PSNI and its operations.

We continue to promote transparency, work within and expand upon the recommendations and additional scrutiny provided in the Policing Board's recent 'Review of PSNI Professional Standards', particularly recommendation 5 relating to whistleblowing, vetting, sexual misconduct and abuse of position for sexual purposes, in order to identify any improvements that can be made.

We acknowledge that these issues greatly affect peoples’ confidence in policing. We see it as our duty, as a party, to ensure our police force continues to hold itself to the high standards that the public it protects expects, and we will continue to work with the rest of the Policing Board and with the PSNI to tackle this problem.”