Supreme Court ruling shows benefit of functioning Stormont, says Bradshaw

Paula Bradshaw MLA has said a UK Supreme Court judgment stating a Bill on Safe Access Zones may now proceed to become law in Northern Ireland is a welcome step for women’s rights to access healthcare and further evidence of the benefits of a functioning Stormont.

abortion Paula Bradshaw

She was speaking after the Court upheld the ban on protests outside facilities providing abortion services here.

Ms Bradshaw stated: “We were proud to offer all possible support to this Bill when it was brought forward by Clare Bailey, and we welcome today’s ruling by the Supreme Court.

“We were always content the balance between freedom to protest and freedom to access healthcare had been met by the Bill, as amended.

“Indeed, as with the Justice Minister’s proactive legislation outlawing ‘upskirting’, this is another example of where Northern Ireland now has progressive legislation now being looked at by other jurisdictions. Stormont has been able to lead the way in such areas.

“This reinforces what a functioning Stormont can do to the benefit of people across Northern Ireland, and the example it can set even beyond. Safe access to healthcare services is a fundamental right and I am delighted it will now be assured in law in Northern Ireland.”