Bradshaw says responsible leadership required to stop a repeat of riot scenes

Paula Bradshaw

Alliance South Belfast MLA Paula Bradshaw has said responsible leadership is required from all quarters to stop a repeat of scenes in Sandy Row last night.

Petrol bombs, fireworks, bricks and bottles were thrown at police, with eight officers injured after trouble began around 8pm.

“Those engaged in rioting last night have achieved nothing other than bringing misery upon their own area, including the potential for criminal records harming future prospects. There is no future in this type of behaviour,” said Ms Bradshaw.

“Our thoughts must also be with the police officers who were injured. Public servants have a fundamental right to go to and return from work without being targets.

“I trust therefore those in positions of political leadership and responsibility will reflect on whether their words and actions in recent days have helped or hindered when it comes to reducing tensions. Political leadership requires the right decisions, not the easy ones. It often means taking people to places where they are uncomfortable for the sake of the greater good. We are seeing very little of that currently, and it is resulting in serious harm.”