Introduction of retired prison officer services is repaying small part of debt, says Lyttle

The introduction of health and well-being support services for retired prison officers is repaying a small part of the debt our society owes to them, Alliance MLA Chris Lyttle has said.

The East Belfast MLA was speaking after the announcement of the service for retired officers by Justice Minister Naomi Long. In conjunction with the Police Rehabilitation and Retraining Trust, former prison officers will be able to benefit from psychological therapies, physiotherapy, and coaching and development opportunities.

“This is a fantastic move, which I greatly welcome, and which follows in the wake of the Justice Minister’s support of already serving prison officers,” said Mr Lyttle, who has worked closely with a number of prison officers for several years to advocate for support.

“It is a repaying a small part of the debt our society owes to those who served on the front line in prisons, giving them access to health and well-being services, which is made all the more vital given the role they played in keeping us all safe.

“My thanks go to the Justice Minister for her work on this and I am delighted we can give support to the brave men and women who in the face of consistent and serious threat kept us safe and upheld the rule of law for us all."