Good day for fairness and equality, says Lyttle, as Bill removing religious discrimination against teachers passes Assembly

It is a good day for fairness and equality, Alliance MLA Chris Lyttle has said, following the successful completion of his Bill to remove the exclusion of teachers from fair employment legislation.

The outgoing East Belfast MLA was speaking after his Private Member’s Bill passed its final stage in the Assembly, one of the final pieces of business before dissolution ahead of the election. Mr Lyttle thanked all those who had supported the Bill at its various stages.

“I am delighted this Bill has passed its final stage and will now progress into legislation,” he said.

“As this Bill moved on, the broad public and political consensus for it has become increasingly clear and I thank all those who supported it at its various stages. It was almost beyond belief that in 2022, almost all other professions in Northern Ireland except teachers could rely on fair employment legislation to protect them from discrimination on the grounds of their perceived religious faith. Thankfully that will not be the case for much longer.

“This is a good day for fairness and equality – no longer will it be possible for any teacher to be discriminated against for jobs due to their religious background. Fairness and equal opportunities are a key aim of Alliance, and delivering this crucial reform will improve the prospects of many.”