Reform of institutions essential to allow full delivery, says Bradshaw

Reform of the institutions is essential to allow Stormont to deliver fully for the people of Northern Ireland, Alliance Chief Whip Paula Bradshaw MLA has said.

Political Reform Paula Bradshaw

The South Belfast MLA said while good work had happened since the Assembly and Executive returned 100 days ago, more could have been done if not for the two years of an impasse caused by the DUP collapsing power-sharing.

“Nobody in the Assembly is under any illusions – our institutions cannot deliver everything we would like due to competing priorities and financial pressures,” said Ms Bradshaw.

“But the hard work of delivery has been compromised by one fact. We are sitting 100 days into the new mandate, when we should be two years into it. That is two years of wasted time, which could and should have ben used to deliver for the people of Northern Ireland.

“That once again underlines the pressing need for reform of our institutions. Never again can we see one party collapsing everything and paralysing our entire system, leaving our population without a functional and locally-elected government.

“But now are 100 days in and we must see delivery. There was significant goodwill given towards Sinn Féin and the DUP when devolution was restored, but many of the issues requiring action have mounted up on their desk, with little evidence of real action.

“The photo opportunities have gone well but actual delivery has been scant. There is a lot of work to catch up on. Two years of paralysis has made the need for transformation and delivery all the more pressing. It’s time people got what they voted for.”