Racial Equality Strategy has been stalled long enough, says Blair

John Blair Racial Equality

Alliance MLA John Blair has said Covid-19 cannot be the reason the Racial Equality Strategy gets even further behind.

Questioning the Junior Minister Gordon Lyons in the Assembly this week, Mr Blair said the initiative was already running too far behind before the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

He added: “Covid-19 has engulfed every aspect of our society, but we can’t allow much needed legislation to drift on without further action.

“Yes Covid-19 will cause delays to certain services, but the Racial Equality Strategy has been stalled for many years, which is simply not good enough.

“Today the Minister gave a commitment that the strategy remained a serious priority, yet was unable to give a full read out of if and how the work has been progressing with external stakeholders.

“The Executive office must show they are committed to protecting the most vulnerable in our society. This initiative has the potential to work across many issues – tackling inequalities in education, health, employment and training – and must be progressed immediately.”