Alliance representatives meet with Minister to discuss park and ride and greenway plans

Andrew Muir Chris Lyttle Gillian Greer Martin McRandal Ross McMullan Sian Mulholland Infrastructure

Alliance representatives have met with the Infrastructure Minister to discuss recently announced plans regarding the proposed Tillysburn Park and Ride and the Sydenham Greenway.

The meeting, which was attended by party representatives from East Belfast and North Down, including Chris Lyttle MLA, Andrew Muir MLA and Councillors Gillian Greer, Martin McRandal, Ross McMullan and Sian Mulholland, allowed the Alliance contingent to raise concerns regarding the impact on traffic and road safety at the proposed Tillysburn site, particularly in terms of entrance and exit, as well as welcome news on a planned entrance from the A2 Sydenham Bypass city-bound lane.

With regards to the Sydenham Greenway, representatives called for the new cycling infrastructure to be fully segregated, and off-road to the greatest extent possible. The Minister agreed there should be further consultation with stakeholders prior to the proposed schemes being developed.

Chris Lyttle MLA stated: “With previous plans for a park and eide site at Tillysburn attracting lots of feedback and concern about the impact upon an already very busy and hazardous junction, it’s important finalised arrangements address these worries to ensure a safe and efficient entrance and exit. The Greenway linking Victoria Park to Holywood must also be built to a standard that will attract users with segregation and safety a top priority.”

Andrew Muir MLA said: “I’m very grateful to the Minister for attending to engage with local representatives. Investment in further park and rides and greenways that will serve the people of North Down are welcome as we look to further facilitate people to choose active travel and public transport.

“We now need to make sure the proposed developments are attractive for people to use, and don’t have any negative impacts on the local area. I look forward to seeing the various options proposed for the greenway and making a full response to ensure it is fit for purpose and ideally aligned with those proposed by NI Greenways.”