Outcome of COP15 crucial to secure future for nature, says Nicholl

The outcome of COP15 will be crucial not just in terms of tackling the climate crisis but also in helping secure a future for nature, considering climate change and biodiversity loss are intrinsically connected, Kate Nicholl MLA, Chair of the All Party Group on Climate, has argued ahead of the event.

Climate Change Kate Nicholl


The United Nations biodiversity conference, COP15, is being held from 7 to 19 December in Montreal, Canada.

“COP15 is a momentous opportunity to secure a new global deal to protect our natural environment,” Kate said.

“For decades scientists and experts have sounded the alarm over how climate change is leading to an unprecedented decline in animals, plants, and other species, and threatening ecosystems. In 2021, Alliance backed the Environment Bill which outlined plans to address environmental challenges including biodiversity loss, climate change, and waste and pollution of the air, water and land.


“We have an incredibly narrow window of opportunity to deliver on the promises of the Environment Bill, halt biodiversity loss by 2030, and reverse its decline by 2050. We may never have this chance again. However, yet too many political leaders are still failing to meet the challenge, or even show up.

“I am disappointed that the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, is not planning to attend COP15. Especially considering this Tory government has failed to deliver on a long list of environmental promises, and is determined to press ahead with the Retained EU Law Bill, which puts over a thousand pieces of environmental protection law in jeopardy.

“It is also regrettable that with the absence of a functioning Executive and Assembly, the opportunity for elected representatives from Northern Ireland to be at the table is being squandered.


“It is essential we get round the table again and scale up ambition to protect and restore our precious natural world.”