Onus on Health Minister to stop standing in the way of abortion services – Bradshaw

Health Paula Bradshaw

Alliance Health Spokesperson Paula Bradshaw has said the onus remains on the Health Minister to do the right thing and deliver Health Services for pregnant women as required in legislation.

The South Belfast MLA stated: “I share the frustration of thousands across Northern Ireland that Unionist ministers continue to resist every single inch of progress and deny rights to people in Northern Ireland which have long been enjoyed by UK citizens elsewhere.

“Reports that the Secretary of State is having to intervene to have health services for pregnant women delivered on an equitable basis in Northern Ireland as in the rest of the UK, as required in the Abortion Regulations, are just the latest bewildering example.

“I firmly believe in devolution, but it requires Ministers who are willing to take responsibility for actual delivery.

“Hiding behind the lack of legal obligation or pretending that an issue that is clearly within his Department’s competence is ‘cross-cutting’ will not suffice. The requirement in law and in treaty is for women in Northern Ireland to have the same access to health services as in the rest of the UK, and there is no excuse for any Minister, either though action or inaction, to stand in the way of that.”