Dickson hopes High Court judgement leads DUP to reconsider North-South boycott

Stewart Dickson

Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson has said he hopes a High Court judgement which ruled the DUP’s boycott of North-South meetings is unlawful would lead the party to reconsider their non-attendance.

Mr Dickson was speaking after Mr Justice Scofield made the ruling at Belfast High Court, which the DUP was carrying out in opposition to the Northern Ireland Protocol.

“This approach from the DUP was as misdirected as it was pointless, given the Protocol would not exist if Brexit had not happened, and the UK Government agreed its implementation,” said the East Antrim MLA.

“Ministers are required to take a commitment to participate in the North-South Ministerial Council, as well as the British Irish Council. Now the High Court has made this ruling, there must be consequences for the DUP’s actions, including sanctions if appropriate.

“However, I hope this will now lead the DUP to reconsider their move. It is vital the institutions are allowed to function and not be subjected to repeated threats. The majority of MLAs want to get on with their jobs of working on behalf of the people of Northern Ireland, not have this constant instability put in front of them.”