No place for sinister acts in our society, says Alliance

John Blair Police justice

Alliance representatives have criticised a masked Easter Parade which saw petrol bombs thrown at police as sinister and completely wrong.

John Blair and Councillor Rachael Ferguson spoke out after the incident came on the third anniversary of the death of journalist Lyra McKee, a move they termed as shocking.

John Blair said: “There is nothing respectful or commemorative about violent attacks on Police officers, bringing further threat and fear to local communities.

There is no place on our streets for paramilitary displays. Today’s incident was sinister and wrong on every level and offends right across out community. I am thinking of Lyra McKee, her family and her friends.”

Councillor Rachael Ferguson added: “The footage today from the city cemetery is simply shocking. On the anniversary of Lyra’s murder, have we not learned anything? I want our children to grow up in peace and my solidarity is with the PSNI coming under attack and with the families of Creggan who just want peace and to feel safe.

Anyone with information should contact the PSNI on101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.