Nicholl becomes Belfast Lord Mayor

Belfast City Council Kate Nicholl

Alliance Councillor Kate Nicholl has officially become the next Lord Mayor of Belfast.

The sixth Alliance Councillor to take on the role, Kate laid out her vision as a Lord Mayor for everyone, under the umbrella of her theme for the year ‘Our Belfast’.

Her opening remarks also included a nod to the role children and young people will play throughout her year and recognised the growing climate crisis with the announcement of a monthly Lord Mayor’s environmental challenge.

She added: “I want to use my year as Lord Mayor to get to know every part of this city – to meet the people in every area, to recognise those who make a difference in every quarter, and to find ways to work with them for the betterment of our city.

“I am asking every Councillor – and I mean this genuinely – to be a part of this Mayoral year with me. Bring me to the communities you work in, introduce me to the people changing lives, and show me the hidden gems in your area. Of course, in seeking a better future we need to face some realities too. Many people don’t feel the affinity they should for other parts of Belfast. Let’s work harder to change that.

“As councillors for this city, we should be setting an example. Let’s work more closely together across parties, visit wards we haven’t tended to; use our position to show what the people in our area have to offer. Working to instil a sense of curiosity, pride, and respect, across ‘Our Belfast’ as a whole is what leadership means to me. We have work to do.”