New Belfast Council pilot scheme aims to end dog fouling

Alliance Councillor Jenna Maghie has initiated a pilot scheme to encourage dog owners to clean up after their pets. 

Jenna Maghie Dog fouling

Councillor Maghie, who represents the Ormiston area, said: “There is no excuse for owners who do not pick up after their dogs. We all know the mess and inconvenience caused by dog poo left on our footpaths. Added to that are the health risks, particularly to children. This new pilot will use stencils to paint temporary messages on the footpath outside a number of schools in the Ormiston area. We are committed to reducing dog fouling and hope that the stencils will remind owners to alway carry a poop bag, clean up after their dog and dispose of the bag properly. Owners who do not pick up after their dog could be fined up to £1000, but I’m confident this pilot scheme will prove to be a success.”