Muir: We must deliver best value for money for our taxpayers


Alliance MLA Andrew Muir has said the findings of a new report into how new digital contracts have been handled by the Assembly is “extremely disappointing”.

Mr Muir was speaking after the Northern Ireland Assembly Public Accounts Committee revealed contract extensions cost taxpayers more than £120 million.

He added: “This is just another example of poor management and a frustrating outcome at a time when every action should be taken to ensure both every pound and penny of public funds is well spent. There is clearly a need to focus on better contract management and commercial focus, permeating throughout entire Public Sector.

“We must deliver best value for money for our taxpayers and whilst this report is extremely disappointing, it can serve as a model for change and I hope the key recommendations within – namely that all departments take immediate steps to ensure all contracts are managed more effectively and that the public sector drives this forward – are acted on immediately.”