McGrath appeals to those behind war memorial attacks to stop, following latest vandalism

Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council Julian McGrath Vandalism

Alliance Glengormley Councillor Julian McGrath has appealed to those behind attacks on the local war memorial to stop.

Councillor McGrath was speaking after another attack on the town’s memorial, which has been desecrated a number of times in the past few months. The latest, which took place in broad daylight today (Thursday), saw poppy wreaths destroyed.

“This latest attack is yet another disgusting act of sectarian vandalism and disrespect,” he said.

“These actions are aimed purely at raising tensions in the town and I appeal directly to those behind them to stop. All sections of our community here abhor such behaviour.

“The memorial in Glengormley represents those who fought and died to enable us to enjoy the freedoms we enjoy today. This despicable vandalism is particularly low and achieves nothing.

“I urge anyone with information on this attack or previous ones to contact the police with it immediately.”