We need to protect our natural environment, says Mathison

Alliance Green New Deal Environment Nick Mathison Strangford

Alliance Strangford representatives have welcomed the recent withdrawal of a planning application to redevelop Tullynagardy Wood in Newtownards.

Councillor Nick Mathison – newly selected constituency representative – and Kellie Armstrong MLA want to see the ancient woodland protected after it was recently subjected to a planning application for car parking and vehicular access, with the developer having previously declared his intentions to bring forward a housing scheme on the site.

Nick said: “We have to protect this woodland, and I’ve been delighted to join with local residents to do all I can to support their campaign to preserve the area in its current form. That’s why I’ve already helped them confirm their support for a new Tree Protection Order for the site and to submit objections to the development of the woodland site with Council Planners.

“Our woodlands are precious resources in our local communities. They should be preserved and protected, and I will continue to voice my opposition to any development of this site.

“In our fight against climate change, any threat to woodland should be challenged, and residents have been very clear that they wish to see this site preserved as an important ecosystem in its current form, and not developed for housing or disrupted in any way.

“I will continue to make their voices heard with the Council Planners should any further plans to develop this site emerge, and will maintain the protection of our natural environment as a key focus of my work in the Strangford constituency. It’s also another reason we’ll be pushing for a Green New Deal, providing a sustainable future that enhances and protects our areas of natural beauty.

Kellie Armstrong MLA added: “It is vital we protect and encourage natural habitats and promote biodiversity. We must do all we can to protect and preserve it for generations to come. I’ve been delighted to help and support these residents by raising this issue at the Assembly. Nick and I will continue to work hard to protect our natural environment.”