Lyttle calls on Education Minister to act on school ventilation

COVID-19 Chris Lyttle Education

Alliance Education Spokesperson Chris Lyttle MLA has called on the Education Minister to outline her plan for better ventilation in schools.

The Chair of the Education Committee, Mr Lyttle said it was important we don’t drop our guard in the fight against Covid, as the health pandemic continues.

He added: “I have written to the Education Minister to ask what action she is taking to enhance ventilation in schools before the start of the new term.

“The benefits of ventilation in the control of airborne diseases like Covid are well established and I have specifically asked if CO2 devices and micro-filters to monitor air quality and ensure safe airflow will be distributed to schools.

“It is vital that the Education Minister acts quickly to ensure adequate ventilation in our schools and protect pupils, staff and the wider community from the ongoing risk posed by the airborne nature of the Covid-19 disease.”