Long secures more EV charging in Belfast

Alliance Councillor Michael Long has continued his campaign for more accessible Electric Vehicle charging points across Belfast, with two now up and running in the grounds of City Hall.

The local representative said he was delighted how quickly the new posts where put in place, with his plan now to see similar rolled out across Belfast.

He added: “I’m delighted how quickly these charging points have become operational, creating better convenience for staff and users of the site.

“While you could say these have been installed at electric speed, across Belfast there are still too few charging points and as a Council we must make a change.

“I want to see more and more charging points rolled out to other Council facilities, opening up the potential for electric vehicles use across our city and giving an added bonus to users of all our sites.

“Please get in touch with me to let me know any key areas you would like to see greater access to charging points.”