Latest energy hike shows urgent need for further intervention, says Tennyson

Eóin Tennyson Cost of Living Energy

Alliance MLA Eóin Tennyson has said the latest energy price hikes demonstrate the need for additional cost of living support from Westminster and a restored Executive. 

He was speaking after Firmus Energy announced a further 56.3 per cent increase to its regulated tariff from October, taking an average bill to £3,150 per year.

“This latest price hike is the largest ever announced for Firmus customers in Northern Ireland, and will increase the average bill for 59,000 customers by a further £847, to £3,150 per year,” said the Upper Bann representative.

“This dramatic spike lays bare just how out of date and insufficient the previously announced £400 energy discount will be unless urgent action is taken.

“The UK Government must respond to this accelerating affordability crisis via an emergency Budget of at least £30 billion to protect households and businesses from the full impact of rising costs. It is also essential the Executive is restored immediately to enable timely and targeted delivery of available funds to those most in need.

“Given the scale and severity of this crisis, the Energy Bills Support Scheme should now be uprated to at least £800 per household. The £20 per week uplift in Universal Credit and Working Tax Credit entitlements should restored immediately and the Government should endeavour to remove VAT on domestic fuel.”