Lack of engagement from DfI on missed bin collections incredibly disappointing, says Cllr Murray

Alliance Belfast City Councillor Micky Murray has said that it’s “incredibly disappointing” that the Department for Infrastructure declined an invitation to a special meeting of the People and Communities Committee in Belfast City Council last night (22 March), to address the issue of missed bin collections.

Belfast City Council Micky Murray

Badly parked vehicles and road works are said to account for up 82.6% of missed bin collections in Belfast.


Cllr Murray, who chairs the People and Communities Committee said: “When such a significant amount of missed bin collections are due to badly parked cars and road works we need to engage with those who have the authority and responsibility to address these issues.


“In order to get the ball rolling on this Alliance called for a special meeting of the People and Communities Committee, with key partners like the PSNI and the Department for Infrastructure, which the Department sadly refused to attend.


“Here, we raised proposals such as a pilot scheme to identify and address the top 10 key streets which are most often missed in bin collection routes due to badly parked cars, and the development of an app which would share holiday collection times and notify people of missed collections.


“We are committed to working further on finding a solution and improving this service for local residents, but the DfI have an essential role to play in doing that, and therefore it’s really disappointing that they’ve declined to engage in the process at this point.”