Health Minister must take action to ensure continued supply of ADHD medication, says Donnelly

Alliance Health spokesperson Danny Donnelly MLA has called on the Minister of Health to take the necessary steps to ensure the continued supply of medication such as methylphenidate for people with ADHD.

Danny Donnelly

The East Antrim MLA said: “There are a number of issues which have resulted in a shortage of ADHD medication, including manufacturing issues and an increase in global demand. 

“With this in mind, it is essential for the Department of Health to take action to mitigate these shortages and ensure the continued supply of this crucial medication.

“I have submitted several urgent questions to the Health Minister regarding this, including what actions the Department is taking to ensure the continued supply of methylphenidate, what contingency arrangements are in place if shortages continue, and how and when those contingency plans would be activated. I look forward to the Minister’s response and will continue to raise questions on this critical issue.”