Alliance secures greater funding transparency at City Hall

Belfast City Council Nuala McAllister

The Alliance Party has secured a new open and transparent process for how local organisations are funded by Belfast City Council.

Speaking after the latest Strategic, Policy and Resources meeting, Councillor Nuala McAllister said the new Neighbourhood renewal fund would be a fair way to support all local people, after Alliance fought back against a long period of funding carve ups.

She added: “This is a success over closed door politics in City Hall. The DUP and Sinn Féin must now accept the days of funding carve ups are over.

“The Alliance Party has consistently fought for greater openness and transparency at City Hall, taking this issue directly to the Audit Office to ensure all decisions at City Hall are based on fairness.

“The Neighbourhood renewal fund will see opportunities for funding for capital projects over £250,000 earmarked for local organisations and will be allocated through a new process that will help many who had been overlooked before.

“Belfast City Council will announce the opening of the application process following December's meeting of Council and it is important organisations engage with the Council to maximise their opportunity for success.

“Alliance will always stand for openness and transparency and we are delighted to see this outcome today.”