UK Government now needs to apologise for Army actions at Ballymurphy, says Long

Naomi Long justice

The UK Government now needs to apologise for the actions of the Army in the Ballymurphy massacre after a coroner ruled they were ‘entirely innocent of any wrongdoing,’ Alliance Leader Naomi Long MLA has said.

Mrs Long was speaking following the verdict of the fresh inquests into the fatal shootings in West Belfast in August 1971. Ten people were killed after an operation by the Army. The coroner also stated today the Army’s use of force was ‘unjustified’.

“The thoughts of everyone today should be with the loved ones of the victims, and their long campaign. It should not have taken 50 years for them to get to today’s outcome,” said Mrs Long.

“This is vindication – still to this today the families have had to deal with sneers and slurs from those linking the victims with the IRA. To have it finally put into public record they truth they have stated all these years – they were entirely innocent – is justification for their brave stand and dedicated campaigning for so many years.

“The UK Government now needs to step up and formally apologise for the actions of the Army on the day in question. We saw how much a similar apology in relation to Bloody Sunday meant to the families there, and I encourage the Government to acknowledge the courage of the Ballymurphy families with a similar statement.”