Millions of funding at risk due to DUP walkout

Alliance Finance Spokesperson Andrew Muir MLA has said the DUP’s selfish actions has placed Northern Ireland in a dire financial situation.

Mr Muir was speaking after it was confirmed £300 million allocated to the Executive will now remain in limbo, due to the DUP’s decision to pull Paul Givan as First Minister. Departments will only be able to spend 45% of last years budget delivering real uncertainty.

“The DUP must now explain why they have decided party politics comes ahead of the welfare of the general public,” Andrew Muir said.

“This also begs the question of how much other money Departments will be forced to surrender due to the DUP’s addiction to destruction.

“This simply isn’t good enough. Our health service is in crisis, the cost of living continues to rise and we urgently need to tackle the escalating climate crisis. This move will also starve policing and justice of vital funding to keep people safe and fight crime. Departments should be able to plan, recruit staff and re-build services with certainty of a three-year budget not starved of funding only able to spend less than 50% of last year’s funding settlement

“Everyone is suffering, we should be working together to deliver solutions, not focused on personal political gains.

“I’m calling on the DUP to immediately explain how they stand over inflicting such distress on our community. Northern Ireland should not be made to suffer because of internal DUP infighting in a desperate attempt to claw back votes lost because of their own incompetence.”