Ferguson calls for bonfire builders to remove items

Bonfires Foyle Rachael Ferguson

Alliance Foyle representative Councillor Rachael Ferguson has called for items including flags, poppy wreaths and other symbols to be removed from a bonfire in Derry-Londonderry.

The bonfire, at Meenan Square in the Bogside, has attracted criticism in the past over sectarian displays.

“Despite their controversy, I understand some people want to celebrate and commemorate with bonfires,” said Councillor Ferguson.

“But this bonfire has previously attracted disappointing, sectarian displays and it’s sad to see this year is no different. I utterly condemn the placing of these items on this bonfire. It also marks the latest in an incredibly horrendous few days of hatred and bigotry, including the selling of Parachute Regiment flags in this city.

“The people behind this bonfire do not speak for the vast majority of people in the Bogside and I call on them to remove these symbols. We cannot move forward if some just resort to constant poking each other in the eye at every opportunity.”