Farry demands urgent large-scale resettlement scheme to protect Afghans civilians – especially women and girls

Stephen Farry Afghanistan

“Millions are at risk in Afghanistan. The Government has a responsibility to protect Afghan civilians, not just those who have assisted British forces”, Stephen Farry MP has said, following news that Parliament will be recalled next week to urgently discuss the situation in Afghanistan.

The recall of Parliament follows announcements that the Taliban have reached the outskirts of Afghanistan’s capital Kabul.

“A horrific humanitarian disaster is rapidly unfolding in Afghanistan with growing impunity. The USA, UK and NATO have made a serious mistake in withdrawing so rapidly and arbitrarily, without an alternative strategy,” he added.

“Millions of people are at risk from the Taliban. Oppression of women and girls is a fundamental part of the Taliban’s ideology, and their rights are particularly under threat.

“I have written to the Foreign Secretary to urge the UK expand the relocation policy and protect vulnerable Afghan civilians. At present, it is drawn far too narrowly, it is too bureaucratic, and misplaced hostility to asylum seekers.

“The scale of support offered, by for example Canada, sets a powerful example of what can and must be done.

“All Afghans deserve to live freely and without fear of persecution. The UK’s long-term intervention in Afghanistan means it has obligations to this country – it is reprehensible that the Government is only providing relocation for a small number of eligible personnel.”