Egan and Mathison welcome fair employment legislation for teachers coming into operation

Alliance Executive Office spokesperson, Connie Egan MLA, and Alliance Education spokesperson, Nick Mathison MLA, have welcomed the Fair Employment (School Teachers) Act 2022 coming into operation across Northern Ireland.

Nick Mathison Connie

Ms Egan said: “The commencement of fair employment legislation for teachers is a hugely important step forward in terms of equality and employment rights for teachers in Northern Ireland. This legislation, developed by Chris Lyttle MLA in the last mandate, removes the exclusion of teachers from fair employment legislation.

“It will ensure that no teacher across Northern Ireland can be discriminated against in a recruitment process on the basis of their religion or perceived religious faith. Bringing the teaching profession into line with the employment rights afforded across all other sectors is something that is long overdue.

“I am glad Alliance has led the way on this issue, ensuring that fairness and equality are at the forefront of all recruitment processes. Alliance will continue to advocate for fairness and equal opportunities right across our society.”

Mr Mathison added: “The implementation of this legislation is welcome news for teachers throughout Northern Ireland who have been excluded for far too long. Alliance will continue to support teachers and staff in all schools, ensuring that we enable them to deliver the best education possible for children and young people.”