Eastwood calls on Finucane to rethink addressing IRA commemoration

Alliance MLA Sorcha Eastwood has called on Sinn Féin’s John Finucane to rethink his addressing an IRA commemoration event this coming weekend.

Sorcha Eastwood Legacy

The North Belfast MP is due to be the main speaker the ‘South Armagh Volunteers Commemoration’ ceremony in Mullaghbawn in Armagh on Sunday, in honour of the IRA’s South Armagh Brigade.

“Families and friends have the right to remember their dead in a respectful manner,” said Lagan Valley MLA Ms Eastwood.

“However, that crosses a line when it becomes a glorification of terrorism. People are obviously entitled to their own perspective but not to their own truth. There was always an alternative to terrorist violence - thousands of people proved otherwise by sticking to purely peaceful, political means to attempt and achieve their goals over the past decades.

“Sinn Féin cannot on one hand claim Michelle O’Neill is a First Minister for all but on the other, attend and speak at events which glorify the actions of the IRA. Not only does it bring huge hurt to the victims of terrorism but it sends out the wrong message to dissident groups today and those they seek to recruit.

“I call on John Finucane to rethink his addressing this event and instead think about the impact his participation would have.”