Mulholland welcomes confirmation of Irish language nursery school in East Belfast

East Belfast Belfast City Council Sian Mulholland

Alliance Councillor Sian Mulholland has welcomed news that Naíscoil na Seolta, the first Irish language nursery school to be based in East Belfast, has been given the go ahead to be situated in the grounds of Braniel Primary School.

Cllr Mulholland has paid tribute to all those involved in the driving the opportunity forward, as she praised the extension of education provision across East Belfast.

She added: “This success comes from the consistent drive of the parents who lobbied and worked so hard for the option to send their child to a Naíscoil (and Irish language nursery school).

“Additionally, those in the Turas irish Language project and Braniel Primary School, particularly Linda Ervine and Diane Dawson, who have brought to this, their respective passions for the Irish language and for the advancement of children’s learning opportunities.

“The Irish language belongs to us all, it is part of our common cultural wealth and certainly I’ve taken an interest in learning it myself throughout lockdown. To have this opportunity for children to be educated in a bi-lingual context is a huge step forward