DUP must get back to work and form an Executive

Alliance MLA Kellie Armstrong has said enough is enough when it comes to the DUP’s addiction to dysfunctional politics here as only a reformed Executive can begin to stop the growing cost of living crisis.

Kellie was speaking after the Government began to outline its energy support plans for Northern Ireland, which will essentially see consumers left facing another six weeks without help.
She said: “Northern Ireland is not the same as Great Britain when it comes to the energy market and system.  It won’t be long until consumers across the rest of the UK will be receiving initial cost of living payments, with Northern Ireland watching on the sidelines.
“We need at least the equivalent value of support here, which must be tailored to consider our own unique circumstances, especially the high dependence on home heating oil.
“Yet where is the DUP?  Today’s announcements prove that all the DUP’s stalling tactics have only led to increased delay and misery for many.
“While the support for electricity and gas customers is helpful, a mere £100 extra for those with home heating oil is utterly derisory. This must be significantly scaled up. Work should have been undertaken to devise a delivery mechanism for heating oil support in Northern Ireland.
“Alliance has been conducting a range of meeting overs the past few months. The UK Government and NI Departments must engage in co-design with the key stakeholders including the local oil sector.  
“With a local response for local circumstances so obvious, the absence of a clear local plan in the most damning indictment of the absence of a NI Executive.
"Shame on the DUP."