Donnelly encourages men to get their health MOTs this Men’s Health Week

Alliance chairperson Cllr Stephen Donnelly has encouraged men in Northern Ireland to have an open conversation about their health and to take stock of it as we begin coming out of the pandemic.

This year’s theme is ‘Time for your MOT,’ with Cllr Donnelly saying it’s important that all men take more notice of what’s going on in their body and their mind.

“We should not be shy about talking with medical professionals, nor seeking advice on our mental and physical health,” he said.

“Health problems don’t simply go away by ignoring symptoms, nor are they found if check-ups aren’t carried out.

We need to encourage conversations about our health and ensure none of us are letting problems go unchecked.

“This Men’s Health Week, I encourage all men to speak openly about their health and to go get your MOT.”