Domiciliary care must not be allowed to fail due to DUP boycott, says Bradshaw

Alliance Health spokesperson Paula Bradshaw MLA has warned domiciliary care must not be allowed to fail due to the DUP boycott of the institutions, and plans must be put in place to improve pay and conditions of domiciliary care workers.

Health Paula Bradshaw
The South Belfast MLA stated: “The Chancellor’s recent autumn statement will mean again the cost of fuel, and therefore of travel, will rise over the coming year. We have to plan accordingly and ensure our domiciliary carers and district nurses are properly compensated.
“We should not underestimate how important the role played by carers and nurses working in domestic settings is for the entire health service, and indeed for us all. District nurses and domiciliary carers can be the people who first detect or report health issues, they are often working with the most vulnerable people in the community, and their work enables people to stay at home for longer or return home faster.
“Without our domiciliary carers and district nurses, we would find more people on waiting lists or in emergency departments unable to access the care they need. If domiciliary care goes wrong, the entire system goes wrong.
“Therefore, we need to be fully prepared for the challenges ahead, including ensuring those fulfilling such vital roles are adequately valued and compensated.”