No further support for DJs and musicians impacted by COVID

Alliance Communities Spokesperson Kellie Armstrong MLA has said she is disappointed after it was confirmed no further financial support would be offered to DJs, musicians and all those involved in large scale events, after COVID restrictions prevented them from working.

The MLA for Strangford was speaking after she made a formal request to the Minister for Communities, adding the industry had suffered greatly from restrictions since the last financial assistance was rolled out.

She added: “The last Covid funding for musicians, DJs and those who set up events, was September 2021. That money was issued quickly by the Arts Council and while that was very welcomed support, it was a one-off amount.

“While nightclubs and larger events remained closed, income streams dried up and a significant part of the Arts and Entertainment sector was left without means.

“The Finance Minister had indicated that he was open to considering bids from any Minister where there was an impact of Covid in specific sectors.

“I’m disappointed the Minister for Communities is not putting forward a bid to support our Entertainers and instead has only provided a link to a charity benevolent fund that could provide a £250 one-off amount. That won’t go too far towards a mortgage or rent or tackle the rising cost of living for all those impacted.”