Dickson reiterates calls for no detriment policies from local universities

COVID-19 Education Stewart Dickson

Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson has reiterated calls for local universities to introduce ‘no detriment’ policies to protect student grades against the ongoing pandemic.

The policy ensures as long as a student passes a module, their grade point average will not be affected, meaning they will not fall below their current overall mark. A number of universities in Great Britain have introduced the policy but Queen’s University and Ulster University have not, despite previous calls to do so.

“The past year has been an exceptionally difficult one for everyone, with students among those seeing their lives and studies profoundly disrupted,” said East Antrim MLA Mr Dickson.

“We are now seeing that disruption continue further, with more restrictions introduced in a bid to reduce the number of COVID-19 infections. A no detriment policy would support and reassure students their educational outcomes will not be negatively impacted by the pandemic.

“Many universities in other parts of the UK have introduced such a policy but there have been concerns Queen’s and Ulster have not, despite previous calls to do so from many quarters, including by my colleague, Councillor Eóin Tennyson.

“I have now written to both universities here to encourage them to implement the no detriment policy and provide a safety net to ensure no student is academically harmed by this crisis.”