Dickson hits out at those behind threats to Quinn family

Alliance East Antrim MLA Stewart Dickson has hit out at those behind threats against the family of murder victim Glenn Quinn.

Stewart Dickson East Antrim

Mr Quinn’s brother and mother were informed by police they are under imminent threat of attack by the UDA unless they leave their hometown of Carrickfergus. The family have held a campaign for justice for Mr Quinn, who was killed by members of the organisation in 2020.

“These threats are utterly disgusting and need to be removed immediately,” said Mr Dickson.

“It is particularly shameful to have the threats emanate from Carrick, which is a town where these gangsters have no support and represent nobody but themselves.

“I have met the Quinn family on a number of occasions and given my support to them. These threats have added an intolerable pressure on his grieving mother and brother, and anyone with information on them should take it to police immediately.”