We need to work together to end cruel treatment of migrants, Dickson

Stewart Dickson

Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson has said there is still work to do to aid migrants taking on perilous journeys in the hope of a new life.

Speaking on International Migrants Day, Mr Dickson said he continued to work hard to address these issues through his role on the Council of Europe.

He added: “The scenes we are sadly all getting used to as the norm, of desperate people seeking a new life and prepared to risk everything on the chance to achieve it, must be challenged and changed.

“International Migrants Day is an opportunity to challenge these perceptions, to dismantle prejudices and raise awareness of the contributions migrants make to all aspects of our community and also their country of origin – from economic, cultural and social fields.

“We all need to work together to end the cruel and callous treatment of migrants – treatment that has sadly been influenced by the far right. Together we can change this and make sure compassion is at the heart of our migration policy, challenging all those who offer anything less.”