Alliance Education Spokesperson Chris Lyttle MLA has praised those who campaigned to see period products supplied in all schools in Northern Ireland

Chris Lyttle Education Health

Mr Lyttle, Chair of the Education Committee, was speaking after the Education Minister announced he would move forward with ensuring products would be made available in all schools further to the submission of a petition with 5,000 signatures aimed at tackling period poverty.

He added: “This is good news for all who have campaigned to put this issue on the agenda. Homeless Period Belfast, who led the petition campaign, Red Box and all other charities working hard to convince the Minister on this issue, have made a difference to the lives of many girls and young women across Northern Ireland.

“It has taken too long but I’m glad the Minister listened to those working on this issue and moved beyond his initial plan of 10 percent of schools to include all schools.

“In 2020 period poverty should not be a barrier to a young girl seeking an education and it is unacceptable that this has been allowed to continue for so long without action, leading to an increase in anxiety and other health issues.

“Schools provide toilet roll, hand soap and hand towels in toilets, period products should be no different and I’m glad the Minister finally acted on this issue.”