Carers in crisis could be helped if there was a local Executive

Alliance’s Kellie Armstrong MLA is calling on the DUP to consider how their position is causing unbearable stress on Carers across NI.

Kellie was speaking after the latest Carers NI report revealed fewer than one in three carers could afford their bills without struggling financially, with 27 percent also saying they were struggling to make ends meet.

She added: “Morally, I couldn’t continue to deny people access to potential support. I don’t know how the DUP representatives can live with the knowledge their Party’s actions are causing actual suffering to people living in NI”

When I received a copy of the Carers NI report, highlighting the impact the financial crisis is having on carers across Northern Ireland, it was a heartbreaking read. Having been a Carer, I recognise the families behind these figures. They are suffering because there is no help for Carers. Help could be provided if we had a working Executive that could agree a budget and help take some of the stress away from families who are saving the Health service millions per year.

I am calling on the individual DUP MLAs to read the Carers NI report. I am asking each of them if they can continue to leave our Carers in such stress and financial strain. I am calling on the DUP to end using people in NI as ‘leverage’ as all it is doing is causing harm to our friends, neighbours and families across NI. The DUP can continue to fight with the Conservatives at Westminster but it’s time to end ransom politics and get back around the table working to deliver solutions for all.”