Bradshaw welcomes draft Mental Health Strategy Consultation Report

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Alliance Health Spokesperson Paula Bradshaw has welcomed the publication of the Consultation Report into the Mental Health Strategy.

The South Belfast MLA said: “With the publication of the Consultation Report and widespread support for the general provisions of the draft Mental Health Strategy for the next decade, we should now proceed swiftly to implementation.

“The four main actions provide a clear and correct overview of what the Strategy aims to accomplish. While it rightly sets out to create a single ‘Mental Health Service’, it also recognises fundamentally the need for better integration in the service and support provides across all sectors including the community sector, as well as the need for promotion of mental well-being and of a connection to the new proposals for primary care including GP federations.

“The Strategy is consistent with the principles of Bengoa and recognises the importance not just of services but also of support and prevention. Mental well-being must be a priority for all of us, particularly as we emerge from the Pandemic, and there is much in the Strategy which will aid that priority.”