Much work to do to catch up on “Long Covid” – Bradshaw

COVID-19 Health Paula Bradshaw

Alliance Health Spokesperson Paula Bradshaw has welcomed the beginning of referrals for “Long Covid” in Northern Ireland, but cautioned that a lot of work is to be done to catch up on support and treatment for people living with it.

 The South Belfast MLA stated: “I welcome that referrals to Long Covid clinics can now be made, but we do have to note that we are now a long way behind on this.

 “There remains considerable concern for thousands of people across Northern Ireland about the impact ‘Long Covid’ is having – often described as extreme fatigue, ongoing headaches, changes to taste, repeated coughing and others.

 “This concern is particularly keenly felt by those who were deemed clinically vulnerable to Covid in the first place. For example, people with underlying conditions are concerned about the impact on their treatment for that condition, as well as the general symptoms of ‘Long Covid’.

 “What is required is not just medical intervention but also support to people who are now living with considerable uncertainty. I will continue to push for a rounded service of treatment and support, with an added focus on the need to ensure those with other underlying conditions are assessed and supported as swiftly as possible.”